HAL’s mission is to democratize access to blockchains enabling anybody to connect them with centralized technologies, in a few clicks, no code needed.

Thanks to our no-code and cross-chain monitoring platform, we work with financial institutions, DeFi protocols (including Aave, Bancor, BitGo, Loopring, mStable, Polygon, PoolTogether) and developers to automate dApps’ workflows and to solve governance, trading and compliance challenges.

We just fundraised $3m from CoinFund and other relevant players in the space (Read more on The Block or on Bitcoin.com).

Exciting challenges lie ahead—new regions, technologies, and businesses. Guided by our core values and "Gluing Manifesto", we’ll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our global community.

We're united with our community to create a world where anyone can blockchain everything. Join us!